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has worked in European market since 2010.Company EDART Ltd provides transport services of international and domestic freight transport and heavy lorry for local and foreign customers. We secure transport, tens of own vehicles and by contract carriers with shipping capacity from 3,5 tons up to 40 tons. Longtime cooperation with many companies and carriers in the Slovak republic and abroad is one of the marks of service quality. The quality of our services and satisfied customers are always our priority.

Freight transport Freight transport

We use 40 modern vehicles with loading capacity up 40 tons. Wide variety of semitrailer allows us to satisfy most of demands. Our company also provides transport services by contract carriers.

Forwarding and transport activity Forwarding and transport activity

Accurate and fast planning brings high efficiency and minimize costs. It means high quality and better price of provided transport services. Our experienced forwarders offer optimal goods transport solution. Our carriers work for you.

Vehicles monitoring Vehicles monitoring

Basis of quality our services is transport of your delivery on time and according to terms of delivery. All of our vehicles are constantly monitored. Incessant delivery location checking by inbuilt monitoring in our vehicles is priority for us. You and our dispatchers always know where is your order located.

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  • ▪ Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    „Long time cooperation without problems confirmed the correct choice of company Edart as transport partner“

    Office Manager

  • ▪ DHL Express spol. s.r.o.

    „Transport according arranged deadline, professional approach, flexible and helpfully dispatching“


  • ▪ DSV Slovakia s.r.o.

    „Responsible approach, goodwill to solve problems for customers´ satisfaction“

We appreciate every objective – positive and negative opinion. It helps improve the quality of our services.

modern technical equipment

sufficient loading surface for your goods

prestnosť , speed, security

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