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has been stable and growing company working in European market since 2010. Basis of activity of our services are domestic and international freight transport, lorry transport and forwarding activity. We make effort to provide quality services with responsible approach and maximal satisfaction of our customers and our partners.

Transport company EDART Ltd has worked in European market since 2010. This company provides domestic and international transport services for domestic and foreign customers via 70 employees and car fleet with 40 cars with transport capacity from 3,5 tons to 40 tons. We have at disposal wide variety of semitrailers – tarptrailers, casetrailers, freezingtrailers, semitrailers for roll´s transport, doubledeckers, fronttrailers. We are able to satisfy you’re the most demanding requirements.

Team of experienced dispatchers always arrange for your delivery to unloading place according your determination safely. Our dispatchers are to disposal daily 24 hours and they keep you informed about goods load and unload.

All transport we realize on domestic and international base. We offer safety road goods transport – regular or according requirements of customers. Thanks to combination whole load and picking service. We optimize transport costs and goods flow.

In export and import we realize whole load and part load to all European countries by own vehicles and by contract carriers as well. We can arrange rewarehouse and customs clearance.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you. Your satisfaction is for us the most important because we know, that only sadisfied customer uses our services again.


Our company holds various certificates and ratings that reflect the money, the expertise and professionalism of employees.

Certificates EDART s.r.o.
Certificates EDART s.r.o.
Certificates EDART s.r.o.
Certificates EDART s.r.o.
Certificates EDART s.r.o.
Certificates EDART s.r.o.

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